About Me

I am an oil painter based in London, UK. I've been painting on and off for most of my life, but more seriously since the late 1990s. I love the joyous, creative nature of painting, but alongside this I also have a fascination with the tools used in art through the ages and the relationship between art and the sciences.

About My Work

I am a lover of colour and find constant experimentation to be an important aspect of my development. However, in recent years I have begun to focus more closely on still life and landscape.

Based in West London, my landscapes often centre around views of the Thames and Richmond park. Influences are many, but I am a particular admirer of the dramatic light effects achieved by 19th century landscape painters such as Turner, Friedrich and the Hudson River Group and the atmospheric seascapes of Whistler.

My still life works are more heavily influenced by the Flemish and Dutch masters and are often carried out on traditional gesso grounds, using the natural pigments that would have been available to artists hundreds of years ago.

Having dedicated the last few years to feeding my growing interest in the practical techniques of the old masters, I am much indebted to Dr David Cranswick, a specialist in the Materials and Techniques of Medieval and Renaissance Painters. In David's studio I have received hands-on training covering many time-honoured techniques, such as learning to grind my own paints and to build up a painting with layers of traditional pigments and glazes for luminosity. I have also learned to work with egg tempera and to prepare traditional geso panels, occasionally employing gold leaf for decorative effect.

The effect that this training has had upon the evolution of my work can be seen on this site, though I still have much to learn.

Education and Training

After studying art at Harrogate College I went on to take History of Art at Newcastle University, where I developed a love for early Renaissance art and a fascination with the progression of painting through the centuries.

My most valuable practical education has been the hands-on training I've received in the studio of David Cranswick, supplemented by study at Richmond College and occasional workshops at the Royal Academy among other venues.

For some useful resources, including inspirational art and some excellent websites and books for artists, visit my links page.